About Us

We are one of the cable television service provider in MULUND & now an Internet Service Provider In Mumbai. We are nation’s one of the experienced, advanced and innovative company in this business, delivering state-of-the-art FIBER OPTICAL technology with excellent services at most competitive prices, with a portfolio of operations IN TELIVISION since 1990 & IN INTERNET SINCE 2009.
We are aware of its role in bringing in the best possible service to the customers & communities it serves, through a conscious effort towards investment in the latest information and technology the world has to offer.

Our Vision

WE ARE HEREĀ  to deliver even more advancedĀ  services to the customers including video-on-demand and interactive subscription digital cable television service through IPTV, Voice over IP, streaming video on demand with high-speed Internet data connectivity as well as many other exciting & innovative services. The revolution in the cable and internet
At present we are the one who give you the download speed of 10Mbps-100Mbps for the residential customerĀ  with an economical price .

Our Commitment

Whether it is Cable or Internet, ultimately these businesses are about delivering service. Anyone can produce a product, but not everyone can deliver it. We understand this and therefore thrive on the fact that we have achieved and set standards, in providing the very best in cable television services & BroadBand Services WITH THE STATE OF ART FIBER OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY.

DVD picture quality with stereophonic sound
currently having 200 DIGITAL channels in set top box and 90 ANALOG channels without set top box.
You will later pay only for the channels you view.
You can also later avail of the interactive channels on demand.
You can listen to worldwide radio stations.
Watch your latest favorite movie / video on demand.
You also get program guide for all the channels so that you do not miss any of your favorites ones.